«The Art of Every Day» Educational Project

«The Art of Every Day»®, whose creator and coordinator is Gracia Bondía Alberola, is an educational project that, as its name indicates, was born with the interest of being part of the educational dynamics of the school.
The main OBJECTIVE we pursue is to grow surrounded by Art and make it something everyday for students.
«The Art of Every Day»® is based on the idea of being educated in the visual language. In knowing how to see and read an image in order to understand the eminently visual world in which we live.
It arises as an ally of the subject of the academic curriculum that we all know as plastic education. And it comes with the idea of revealing what is part of what we all call Art, Visual Art.
We can not talk about visual art without the artists. The idea of educating students in contact with artists, on the one hand, brings them closer to the process of creation of the work of art from its origins, and on the other, it favors plurality, diversity of expression, techniques, ideas and forms of Interpret the world. It opens up an infinite world of possibilities of discovery.
This project aims to help the student to know and value their individuality; To recognize as unique their way of thinking, doing and expressing themselves through visual language, thus contributing to their emotional growth.
Citing a few words that Professor María Acaso writes in her book «Artistic education are not handicrafts» (Ed. “Los libros de la catarata” 2009), this project also aims to «claim the teaching of the arts and visual culture as a area related to knowledge, with the intellect, with the mental processes and not only with the manuals, with teaching to see and to do with the head and with the hands and not only to teach to do with the hands «.
The project consists of EXHIBITION at the school of works of visual artists from different disciplines (drawing, painting, engraving, photography, illustration, video, etc.).
The selection of these artists will be realized by professionals of the Art. Through them, we will place ourselves in what moves the art world today.
Every quarter, the artists will exhibit their works and will have a meeting with the students. Encounters in which they will talk about the creative process: their way of working, seeing, interpreting, their intentions, their interests… They will answer the possible questions raised by both students and teachers.
Meetings and exposed work will mark the starting point for students to develop a work of reflection and connection with their own worlds. As a result, they will exhibit their own artistic piece in the same exhibition space that hosted the artist.
We start and conclude the learning process with the exhibition, thus underscoring the communicative intention implicit in the Art.
The exhibition space will welcome the work of artists and, in addition, will serve to create links with other curriculum subjects, since Art nourishes and benefits from all of them. In this way we underline the importance of visual art in the academic context and place its subject at the same level of importance of others, the level it deserves.
This project is born by and for children, allows children to be protagonists in their school and parents enjoy the work of their children and learn from the work of artists.

Thus, all components of the educational community benefit.

The project is supported by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain).

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